Using Technology to Build Community and Tell Our Stories

Title & Description

"Using Technology to Build Community and Tell Our Stories"

How can we - as individuals and as a church family - use today's technology to connect with each other and with our community? (A workshop shared during Caldwell Presbyterian Church's Fall Retreat - 28 October 2023)


In this workshop participants will:

Image Credit: ChatGPT4 with DAL-E 3 by Wes Fryer

Guiding Questions

1. examples and Steps

Wes' Family Examples

Zoom Call with a Childhood Best Friend

Veteran Interview with Dad

Interview with Mom

My Mom on "Milbloggers"

StoryCorps Stories and Planning Resources

Questions for Caldwell

More Project Ideas and Examples

If you are:

2. Audio Recording

An "audio story" is a recorded audio interview, which may or may not be accompanied by a photo / image. Audio stories can be edited or unedited, and may be normalized.

Script example (from "Family Oral History" unit)

Recommended Recording Apps:

More on the "Audio Interview" page of

Tips for Family Oral History Interviews by @wfryer (Oct 2022)

More "Audio Story" examples are available on the main "Examples page" and in this YouTube playlist.

3. Sharing Options

A variety of different options are available for SHARING your audio interviews.

Free and Easier

More Techy

4. Audio Editing Options

A variety of apps and software programs are available to EDIT audio you record for an oral history interview. These include:

5. Post Workshop Activities

Family Video Messages 

2016: Family Poem for Father's Day

2007: Birthday Card to Dad with VoiceThread

About the Presenter

This workshop is presented by Wesley Fryer, author of "Pocket Share Jesus: Be a Digital Witness for Christ." To learn more about Wes you can read aboutt his theology, read his bio, and check out his adult Sunday School class lessons. Wes' Christian blog is "Pocket Share Jesus." More links to connect and learn with Wes are available.

Check out Wes' audio podcasts including:

Wes is also an active creator on YouTube and TikTok.

These workshop materials are licensed by Dr. Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) under a Creative Commons Attribution-Only License. This means you can reuse and remix any of these resources for FREE with attribution. (More details are available.)