"Chasing Family Stories" Workshop

Storychasers will be offering a 3 hour, Saturday morning workshop on "Chasing Family Stories."

Description: Participants in this 3 hour, hands-on workshop will learn how to record, preserve and share oral history interviews with family members using photos, audio narration, recorded interview audio, and copyright-friendly background music. Check out examples on www.storychasers.org/examples.

This workshop is BYOD: Bring Your Own Device. An iPad or a laptop (MacOS or WindowsOS) computer is required. A FREE account for Adobe Express Online Video Maker is also required and should be created before the workshop. WiFi and power strips for device charging are provided at the workshop. Participants are encouraged to bring fully charged iPads or laptops to the workshop.

The presenter, Dr. Wesley Fryer, is a middle school media literacy teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina. Check out his 2012 TEDx Talk, "Becoming Your Family's Digital Witness," on YouTube. Learn more about Wes on wesfryer.com/bio. Connect with Wes on social media on wesfryer.com/after.

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